Live (of androgyn) (1997) (with Helmut Oehring)
18 songs for voice, violin, cello, preparde piano/sample-keybaord and live-electronic
(FP: Witten, 1997) duration: 25’

after the poem LIVE by Anne Sexton

commissioned by Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik 1997

World-Premiere: 26/04/1997 Witten (Tage f. Neue Kammermusik)
Salome Kammer, New Music Chamber Ensemble Berlin

live-aventurecdweb.jpg recommended cd:

Salome Kammer / Ensemble Aventure / Ars Musici AM 1250-2

Technical advice:
the performing-material includes a zipp-medium or a CD-Rom with programmed samples
(32 Mbyte), eihter for the sampler AKAI 3000 or the sampler AKAI 6000 (be aware: 2 different formats!).

The following equipment is to order (by rent) for performing „Live”

BOSS VT1 Voicetransformer I/ Headset (also available via the Publisher/Berlin)
1 Keyboard (for example Roland D 50) as a masterkeybaord, that ‚triggers’ the sampler.
Either 1 Sampler Akai S 3000 (mit 32 Mb RAM)!!!
1 Zipp Drive 100 MB + SCSI Connector between Drive and Sampler
(! respect: different kinds of SCSI Connectors)

or 1 SAmpler Akai 6000 (mit 32 MB)
1 Volumen Pedal
1 Hold Pedal
1 Aktiv Monitor (z. B. Yamaha MS 60 o. ä.)
midi + audio wirLIVE (aus: Androgyn) (1997) 23′
18 songs from the poem LIVE by Anne Sexton

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