My Sweet Latin Lover (2002)
for flute (plugged), sample-keyboard, 2 percussions, 5 E-Gitarren
(FP: 2002, München) duration: 14’

text by Iris ter Schiphorst, Thomas Moore („To…“) and William Blake („The sick rose“)

commissioned by musica viva/Munic

Word-Premiere: 7/6/2002, Munic, musica viva

Sarah Hornsby -flute, Thomas Hell - Keyboard, Percussion Art Quartett and ‚Go Guitars‘

“… Iris ter Schiphorst’s My sweet latin lover for the amplified solo flute, sampled keyboard, two percussionists and an electric guitar quintet brought the concert to a close with a brilliant success. The bright introverted band of sounds in which the flute and short texts are embedded is, time and again, broken up by jagged attacks. Schiphorst’s uneasy idyll is an intelligent continuation of Frank Zappa’s legacy …”
(Anton Sergl, Süddeutsche Zeitung, 10 June 2002)

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