A Little Madness in the spring (2005/2006) für 18 instruments,
and 3 videos
(FP: Porto 2006) duration: 23min

based on a libretto by Paulo Tunhas

visual part: Daniel Kötter


Commissioned by Casa da musica, Porto

fl, ob, clar, bass-clar (+contra-bass clar), contrabassoon (+bassoon), trpt, hrn, trb, sampler+2 CD player, prep.piano, 2 perc, harp, el.guitar, 2 vln, vla, vc, double-bass, 3 DVD projectors (all instruments plugged)

World premiere: 16. 09. 2006, Porto, Casa da musica
Remix Ensemble, Dir. Franck Ollu

a little madnes in the spring mp3



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