Whistle-Blower 2020/21 (Corona-Version)

The 'Corona version' was due to the lockdown at the time and proved to be a great adventure for all involved: all rehearsals, recordings etc. took place exclusively digitally. The Ensemble Resonanz rehearsed with conductor Peter Rundel in Hamburg, the composer was connected via headphones from Vienna and the soloist from Berlin. The sound recordings were made by Karola Parry. With the help of a click track, the files of the soloist and the orchestra could be assembled according to the score.
The orchestra rehearsals in Hamburg (without soloist) and the recorder player in Berlin were filmed by director Wiebke Pöpel.



Music Texts 169 - May 2021, 87-88, by Rainer Nonnenmann

"Ensemble Resonanz, conducted by Peter Rundel, presented a "lockdown version" of the recorder concerto "Whistle-Blower" by Iris ter Schiphorst. While the strings played in Hamburg, recorder player Jeremias Schwarzer appeared in various buildings, rooms and corridors thanks to pre-produced audio-video sequences. Against virtuosically extended playing techniques, a march-like pulse prevailed over long stretches, drawing everything into its wake."



Whistle Blower

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