Der Ort ist nicht der Ort (2000) (with Helmut Oehring)
for 1 deaf performer, 1 sopran (male), ensemble, and tapes
(FP: EXPO Hannover 2000) duration: 70 min.
A music-theatre ‘action’

Commissioned by ‘Kulturprogramm des Deutschen Pavillons EXPO’ 2000 in Hannover

text by Iris ter Schiphorst and Helmut Oehring
graphics by Hagen Klennert

1 female singer, 1 male soprano, 1 female deaf performer, 0.1.bcl.1- gtr-kbd-4vln-1vc- 1 doublebass-live electronics

World Premiere
26/10/2000, Deutscher Pavillon, Hannover
Arno Rauning - soprano/Lorie Lixenberg - soprano/Christina Schoenfeld - sign language/ Ensemble Aventure / Christian Hommel

Programme Note
In ‘Der Ort ist nicht der Ort’ the authors reflect their own work, visualizing the main subject of their creative work, which consists of the search for communication. By the interaction of music, graphics and light, formal structures are transferred into constellations of space and thus made accessible to the senses and intellectual perception. A play of words, sounds and sights is presented, permanently shifting its positions and expressing the longing for comprehensibility, and for a home within an environment which, by misunderstandings and broken continuity, turns into a no-where. The desire to communicate is negated by inability.

Press Quotes
“The real excellence of the composing duo Oehring/ter Schiphorst has been, and remains, their highly original tonal imagination and the extreme, often raw energy of their music, which draws on an extensive range of experience from jazz to electronic music, rock and pop right up to advanced artistic music. It would be promising to extend this musical potential, which in any case is latently theatrical, visually and scenically, however it would have to be produced more accurately and consistently than at the première.”
(Raoul Mörchen, MusikTexte 86/87)



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