chamber music

Und doch...(And yet...) (2018/19)

for string quartett
duration: ca 10 min.
World-Premiere: 12.03.2019
Kleiner Sendesaal des NDR, Hannover
This work is available from Boosey & Hawkes for the world.

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BLECHE (SHEETS) (2016/2018)

Concert installation for a miked solo drummer, resonating metal sheets distributed in the room, samples and 2 sound directors
Play version of the solo part: Olaf Tzschoppe
Live electronic realisation: SWR Experimental Studio, Thomas Hummel, Iris ter Schiphorst
World-Premiere: 21.9.2018, PGNM Festival Bremen (Germany), Bremen Gleishalle

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Prae-senz II + Felicitas Hoppe (2018)

Version for narrator and amplified piano trio with sampler
Text: Felicitas Hoppe
World-premiere: 4.6.2018, 9th Frankfurt Literature Festival,
Felicitas Hoppe, Ensemble modern
Duration: 45 min.
Commissioned for literaTurm 2018

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IN DEINER HAND? (2016/17)

Concert installation for a kettledrum player, six resonating thunderbolts distributed throughout the room, four resonating buckets of tin, a "spring kettledrum" at another location, as well as feeds and sound direction.

Wolrd-premiere: Ljubljana Castle, 29.05.2017, Slovenia at the Luther-Trugar-Project,
Olaf Tzschoppe: timpani, SWR Experimental Studio Freiburg, sound direction: Dominik Kleinknecht, Iris ter Schiphorst
Co-production: SWR Experimental Studio Freiburg, Goethe Institute Ljubljana, Ljubljana Castle

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MAKE HIM TALK (2016/17)

to 'après "l'artisanat furieux"' (from 'Le marteau sans maître', VII) by Pierre Boulez
for flute, vibraphone, guitar and sampler (plus amplification), hammer

World-premiere: 13.06.2017, Konzerthaus, Vienna
PHACE-Ensemble, Simeon Pironkoff
Composition commissioned by PHACE and Wiener Konzerthaus
Duration: 3 ½ min.

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Fassung für Sänger (Bass) mit Trommel und 2 Kontrabassklarinetten,

UA: 1601.2016, Andreas Fischer, bass / Ernesto Molinari & Theo Nabicht, doublebass clarinets

Theaterhaus, P1, Stuttgart, Germany

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für singer (bass) with big drum and 4 Contrabassklarinet-player
Commissioned by Festivals FÜNF PLUS FÜNF” and “Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart
7 ‘
Word Premiere:  9.4. 2015 FÜNF PLUS FÜNF FESTIVAL, St. Elisabeth-Kirche, Berlin Mitte

ORPHEUS 2015/die Aufgabe von Musik (2014/15)

for Contrabassklarinette + tape
dedicated to Theo Nabicht
World-Premiere: 02. 25. 2015 Stadthalle Heidelberg

polar-für Armin Köhler (2015)

Besetzung: Fagott, Posaune, Sampler, Percussion (2), Klavier, Kontrabaß
1 min 30
Commission by “Netzwerk Neue Musik Baden-Württemberg e. V.” in memoriam Armin Köhle
World Premiere: 05.15. 2015 Donaueschingen

meine-keine lieder/die aufgabe von musik (2014)

dedicated to Inge Müller
for amplified female voice/performance, piano/sample-keybaord (1 player) and bass clarinet
World-premiere: 14.3. 2015, Stuttgart,
Salome Kammer, Akiko Okabe, Sebastian Manz

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Dead Wire (2011)Psychotechnics of Keyboards/a dissociative fugue

für Solo-Klavier, Sampler und live-Elektronik
UA: Festival eclat 2012, Stuttgart, Christoph Grund

Miniaturen für Klarinette und Streichquartett (2010)

for clarinet and stringquartet
GP: 19.9.2011 Susaa Festival Denmark, Regine Müller with ‘ensemble 01′ 

Vergiss  Salome  (2012)

for female singer and tapes
GP: 4th of december 2013, NDR-Studio Hamburg, Germany, Sarah Maria Sun

dislokationen-2 (2010)

for violin, viola, violoncello, piano+sampler
GP Nov. 2010, Munic, trio coriolis, Christoph Grund

Miniaturen für Cello und Akkordeon (2008)

special prize of the ‘Internationaler Komponistinnenwettbewerb’ 2008

Gestures (2001)

for 5 voices (male), prepared piano/ sample-keybaord and CD-player
(FP: Düsseldorf 2001) duration: 11’

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